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Ziyaretçi profili

Exhibitor Profile

Fashion Fabrics

Fiber, Yarn and Raw Material

Wool, Silks, Lace Embroidery

Printed Fabrics

Color-Woven-Shirting Fabrics

Denim Weavers

Buttons, Zippers and other types of trims

Digital printing

Designers and design studios

Textile Accessories


Woven labels,


Pullers, patches,

Frogs, straps,


Studs, rivets, tags,


Personalized accessories,

Horn resin, nylon,

Glass, natural trims,

Interest, plates,

Cufflinks, pins, buckles

Textile Machinery

Cotton and Fibre Preparation Machineries

Spinning Preparation Machineries

Spinning Winding, Twisting and Texturing Machineries

Nonwoven Machineries and Technologies

Weaving Preparation Machineries

Weaving Machineries

Textile Chemicals

Textile Printing Machineries

Digital Textile Printing Machineries